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Our menus have been put together so that they compliment our beer range perfectly. They vary from location to location (we like to keep things local) and we’re always keeping things up to date with what our customers actually want.   LONDON Check out our Waterloo Beer House to grab a bacon sarnie or a full English… life savers! If you’re on your way to the match, kick off with a pint (have no fear, we have a beer & breakfast offer). Then we’ve got the food classics… Beer House style! Burgers, beer, fish and chips, beer, pork pies, beer, pork scratchings and more beer.
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NEWCASTLE Our friends in the north at The Geordie Bakers and Dropswell Farm have helped keep it local with their amazing produce as we serve up stotties (local, traditional bread rolls) filled with all your favourite breakfast items and then pulled pork and Texas style brisket for lunch and tea… impossible to resist.
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SCOTLAND We’ve got some showstoppers at our Glasgow Beer House… Check out the Half Pint of H.N.T. It’s an old school dimple glass filled with layers of haggis, neeps and tatties, covered in gravy. Then there’s the hot wings too… These are the real deal, with our secret recipe keeping them crispy on the outside and succulent in the middle, lathered in classic Frank’s Hot Sauce. In fact, they’re so good, we might dash and order a…

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